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Washington, DC

Great News for DC Property Owners: Free Solar Power for 15 Years!

Free Solar Electricity for Washington, DC Residents for 15 Years!

If you own a property in the District of Columbia, take advantage of our special “DC Solar Offer” – get 15 years of free solar power – plain and simple.  There are no up-front costs and our offer is available to all types of property owners in DC.  Just go to the registration link below.  No credit check, no income check – everyone qualifies!

No joke! The District of Columbia has mandated that PEPCO/Exelon provide incentives to rate payers in the District and these incentives are enough for MSL Group, Inc. to offer you free solar electricity for 15 years!  Just sign our simple online agreement where the first 15 years are free and and if you want to keep your solar panels, the rate will be fixed at today’s (2017) current PEPCO/Exelon rate.  There are no-up-front costs and no payments for the first 15 years, afer which you can decide to either keep the system and pay a discounted rate for your electricity or have the panels removed at no cost to you.  Go green and start saving today!  Click the link below to get started. Start saving today! Please call 203-842-2153, Ext. 102 if you would like to speak with a representative to discuss.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our DC Solar Offer

What is the next step?
It’s easy. Just click the link above to register. Once we receive your information, we’ll send you a solar agreement for you to read and sign electronically. That’s it. We’ll contact you to let you know the expected install date.

Can I eliminate my entire electric bill? Almost. You will still pay a monthly service fee to PEPCO as you will remain connected to the grid. The amount you can save depends on how much solar we can install on your roof. The more panels we can fit, the lower your monthly electric bill will be.

How quickly will the solar panels be installed on my property?
For residential projects, the process takes 3-4 months. For larger projects (commercial and industrial), it usually takes up to six months.

Will I need to pay anything up-front?
No! You pay nothing up-front.  We’ll install solar on your roof at no charge and all the electricity generated by the system will be free for fifteen years! This is the best offer available in the District!

Do I need to sign an agreement?
Yes, you would sign a 15-year Agreement, which will state that you get free solar electricity for fifteen years. This will be sent to you by email for electronic signature.

What happens after 15 years?
Starting in the 16th year, you will either pay your current 2017 electricity rate, which will be fixed until Year 20. If you no longer want the solar panels after 15 years, just call us and we’ll remove the system at no cost to you!

What if I don’t want the solar on my roof after 15 years?
If, after receiving 15 years of free solar power, you don’t want the panels on your roof, just contact us and we will remove them at no cost.

What if I sell my property?
If you sell the property, the agreement can be transferred to the new owner. Because our solar is free, this should not be an issue.

I live in a cooperative (coop) or a condominium. Do I qualify for this offer? 
Yes – you qualify, but you will need to get permission from your coop board or condo association to install solar panels on the roof of your unit.

I own a small commercial property. Do I qualify? 
Yes – you qualify!

Will I need to maintain the solar panels after you install them?
No.  We handle all maintenance during the contract period.

Who qualifies for this program?
Anyone who owns a property in DC is eligible.  There is no credit check.  This program is designed to bring solar power to all DC residents as well as owners of commercial and industrial buildings.

What if I’m a renter?
Talk to your landlord and ask him or her to sign up. Since we are offering free electricity, your landlord will probably be happy to agree.

I own a commercial or industrial property. Does this offer apply?
Yes it does! Complete the registration form and we’ll send you a contract for review.

I own a rental property, but it is vacant. Do I qualify for this offer?
Yes – you qualify.

Can I purchase the solar array after year 15?
Yes. You can buy your solar array when the 15 years of free solar ends. A buyout price schedule will be included in the Agreement you sign.

If I refer a friend’s property to you, can I earn a referral fee?
Yes – we have a referral program. Please dial Ext. 277 for more information

In Washington, DC, the city council passed a law to establish a Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS). This law requires Pepco to obtain a certain percentage of its electricity from renewable energy, such as solar.  Instead of building its own solar projects in the District, PEPCO has opted to purchase solar renewable energy credits (SREC’s) in the open market.  MSL Group develops residential, commercial and industrial projects in DC.  Contact us today for details on how you can eliminate your electricity bills for 15 years with our special DC Solar Offer.