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Solar Contractor Finance Portal

Solar contractors are always looking for more competitive PPA financing options.  MSL Group offers contractors the ability to finance commercial and industrial solar projects with our new Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).  We strive to get you the best possible construction price.

Unlike typical solar PPA financing, which is focused on larger offtakers with a formal credit rating, our product allows you to offer competitive PPA terms to your clients AND receive an attractive EPC (construction) price from us, so both you and your client can profit.  We can finance PPA’s for clients who are “unrated,” menaing that they do not need to have a formal credit rating from one of the main rating agencies (Moody’s, S&P or Fitch).  We also offer PPA financing for sub-investment grade offtakers. 

We focus on financing solar PPA’s for small and medium-sized commercial and industrial clients. Our desired minimum project size is 100kw DC and larger. Financing is available for projects located in the United States.

Are you in search of more competetive EPC pricing for your MUSH (municipalities, universities, schools, hospitals) market PPA? We offer highly competetive pricing.  Contact Scott Licamele at 203-842-2153, Ext. 277 for more information.

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