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Solar Carports

Make Money with Solar Carports – 100% Financing Available

Cut Your Property’s Operating Costs and Provide Shaded Parking

Due to declining solar panel costs, carports are gaining popularity in areas such as the Northeast, where electricity rates are relatively high.  Across the US, clients are choosing to tap into power typically lost to blacktop. MSL Group has helped buisnesses, religious institutions and affordable housing properties reap the benefits of solar canopies.  We have also engineered solar truck ports.  

Adidtional Benefits of Solar Carports

In adiditon to cutting electricity costs, adidtional benefits include:

-Keep vehicles cooler and protected from the elements
-Reduce parking lot maintennace costs
-Improve sustainability of the property

We understand that solar carport and truck-port projects generally require more time to complete than a typical roof-top solar installation.  Zoning approval tends to slow projects down.

That’s why MSL Group is committed to our customers from project conception to completion. Our in-house project management and installation crews focus on delivering your carport project on time and within budget. When you work with us, you can rest assured knowing we are determined to create the most functional and cost-effective solar carport solution to fit your needs and budget.  We handle the entire permitting and zoning approval process for you.  Contact us today for a risk-free consultation.

Case Study:  MSL Group helped a Connecticut-based dairy distributor save money by installing specially-engineered solar truck ports.  Fleet vehicles are protected from the elements and the facility genereates revenue from otherwise unutilized space.

MSL Group offers 100% off-balance sheet financing for solar carports and truckports with our solar PPA product.