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Project Financing

Project Financing for Commercial, Industrial & Utility-Scale Solar Projects

MSL Offers a Revolutionary Solar Power Purchase Agreement Option for Small and Medium-Size Businesses Looking to Go Solar

Attention solar contractors! If you are having difficulty funding your solar project or if the EPC pricing you receive is uncompetetive, we offer a better solar PPA product.  For clients who do not wish to fund their solar project with cash or debt, we offer a revolutinary Power Purchase Agreement.  Our PPA is not limited to large corporates such as Target or Walmart.  We’ll work with you to fund projects for smaller offtakers.  Your client gets 100% off-balance sheet financing and you, as the contractor, will get an attractive price to build the project.  To qualify for our Small Business Solar PPA, the project must be 100kw DC or larger and the offtaker must have audited or CPA-reviewed financial statements.  Contact Scott Licamele at Extension 277 for more information.

We also offer community solar finance and co-development services, which include RFP preparation, engineering and financial analysis.

Utility-Scale Projects – Where We Add Value

Obtaining financing for a utility-scale solar project requires a large and varied skill-set.  MSL can assist with the following development tasks:

Detailed Source & Use Proforma
Transaction Summary 
Executive Summary 
Ownership Structure Flow Chart
Experience/ Background of Participants
Guarantor Financials
Procurement Analysis to Confirm Bankable Status
Valuation to Determine Optimal NTP/COD Price

The goal of every renewable energy developer is to take a project from the concept stage to completion.  MSL Group is ready to partner with you and deliver the highest possible pricing for sale of your project at NTP (Notice to Proceed) or COD (Commercial Operation Date).  Contact us today for a confidential consultation.