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Pitched Roof Solar

Pitched Roof Solar Racking Solutions

It’s All About that Pitch

Solar panels absorb the energy of the sun via sunlight striking their surface, but they are most efficient when this light strikes perpendicular to the panel. This is where roof pitch comes into play as you want to tilt the individual solar panels such that – over the course of the year – they are receiving the maximum amount of sunlight.  It’s generally a good rule of thumb to tilt the solar panels at the same angle as your local latitude. 

MSL Group Will Analyze Your Roof

Tilting the solar panels at the same angle as your latitude maximizes the amount of sunlight the panels will receive annually. Most homes don’t have a flat roof, so our design team will have to factor in the roof pitch of your home in order to soak up the most sun.

Concerned about the pitch of your roof? No need to worry! MSL Group can work with roofs of varying steepness.

Low-slope roofs are ideal locations for PV systems: the solar resource is good; power is generated in close proximity to loads; the location is secure and unobtrusive; and one- and two-story buildings in particular have favorable ratios of roof-to-wall area. Best of all, low-slope roofs are plentiful.