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Helping American Businesses Cut Energy Costs

MSL Group helps commercial, industrial, non-profit property and affordable housing property owners cut energy costs and maximize net operating income with energy efficiency upgrades such as solar and LED lighting.  We offer 100% financing and turnkey service from start to finish – financing, engineering & installation.  Financing and project execution are the critical components of any energy project. At MSL Group, Inc., we have the experience, skills and resources to get you from concept to funding and successful completion of your energy project.

Affordable Housing

MSL Group, Inc. is specifically focusing on bringing energy efficiency measures and renewable energy to affordable multi-unit properties in a way that reduces energy costs for both owners and tenants. New, lower-cost technologies, regulatory changes and financing innovations now provide the tools that will help address the problem of split incentives that has traditionally slowed the implementation of energy measures in this market segment.


Looking to cut your company’s operating costs?  Contact us for a no-cost analysis where we will determine if an energy project makes sense for your commercial property.

Manufacturing & Industrial

Energy intensive industrial enterprises can now benefit from low-cost renewable energy.  MSL Group offers turnkey service. We finance, engineer, build and mainatin your project.  Contact us today for a free analysis.

Religious Institutions

MSL Group helps religious institutions cut electricity costs.  Solar and LED lighting offer substantial savings.   We offer off-balance sheet financing optios for solar projects.  Contact us today to learn how you can reduce costs with no debt.